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Interlibrary Loan

To request an ILL go to: https://capitalarealibrarydistrict.org/ill

How DCLS ILL Responds To Libraries

How To Be A Borrower: Submitting Requests

How To Be A Lender

Request Form for Library Use Only


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a cooperative borrowing and lending service that a library uses to obtain items for a patron by borrowing or copying them from other libraries. ILL is funded by state aid to District Library Centers. get_currentuserinfo();
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?>, ILL assistant, manages ILL transactions as follows:

  ILL shipping:
Access PA
Access PA
HER Mail only          
MDT No Lending    
Perry Co      

In accordance with PA Interlibrary Loan Code, DCLS and other libraries in the district, participate in Access PA.

ILL Policies and Rules

District Libraries should expect to receive a response for each ILL request, either the item or a rejection of the request, generally within 2 weeks. If you do not hear, you can call or email ILL to get a status check on your request.

Please Do Not Request the Following Items Via Interlibrary Loan:

  • Best sellers and new published materials (within 6 months)
  • Titles owned locally or by a library in the district
  • Entire Issues/volumes of periodicals and journals
  • Entire works for reference materials, genealogy materials, or other in-library use items
  • Rare books, special collection and archival materials
  • More than 2 requests for the same title (ex: multiple copies for a reading group)
  • More than 10 requests per month from one patron

All ILL items are subject to recall (especially items from college/university libraries). Recall means that the item could be called back for return within seven days of loan.


DCLS Policy is to charge its patrons $2.00/day for ILL items returned after the Due Date.
DCLS does not charge overdue fines to other libraries as a library courtesy.

District Loans:

If a district library owns the item, even if it is checked out, it is preferred to attempt to complete a district loan on your own before submitting an ILL request to get_currentuserinfo();
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Past Due ILLs

For DCLS: Because the ILL item is checked out to the patron, the patron will receive notice like any other loan.

For District Libraries: When an item is overdue, Dynix/Horizon generates an overdue notice for the district library as a patron. These notices are sent via delivery to the library.

When DCLS ILL gets a second overdue notice from a lending library, they contact the borrowing district library to urge them to contact the patron more directly to return the item.

ILL Renewals

Note: Not all ILL items can be renewed.

If your patron requests more time with an ILL, ask them how long they will need the item. If it is 7 days or less past the date due on the pink strap, you can automatically extend that date (assuming it is not explicitly stated in the special instructions as no renewals.)

If they will need the item longer than that, contact ILL (via email, phone, fax) immediately so that ILL can request renewal before the item is due. Meanwhile, tell the patron that they can have it for no more than 7 days and to check back with you in a few days to see if the renewal can be granted. ILL will then contact the lending library and request an extension. Libraries should contact ILL to determine the new renewal date.

Last Updated: February 12th, 2014